Dr. Vokshoor's Philosophy

Delivering high quality neurosurgical care requires mastery of surgical precision as well as the art of healing. Neurosurgical discussions on pain, quality of life and expectations from surgery often cross the borders between medical disciplines, flowing from biology and pure neuroscience to holistic philosophies, and plunging into the ambiguous universe of human psychology. Brain performance and energy optimization is at the core of our philosophy, for any insult affecting the wellness of the body, especially due to spinal disorders and the life changing disarray of needing surgery.

Neurosurgery on the brain and spine itself can be a dense and complex area of discussion, but we strive relentlessly to answer disparate questions ranging from "how do we heal?" to "how can mindfulness affect post surgical healing?" and from "how do nerve cell membranes communicate?" to "what is pain and what type of pain is a patient experiencing?"

It takes an intense research effort to attempt to bridge the gap between the physics of the body and the effects of mindful control over healing. This is exactly what we are attempting at the Institute of Neuro Innovation, a non profit research and philanthropy organization. The gap is nowhere near fully bridged, but strides are being made to answer some of the more esoteric questions about wellness and the positive effects of mindful control and energy expenditure management.

One topic of extreme interest is how the body pays attention to various areas of discomfort. What type of pain is being experienced, and why does it exist? How does 3lbs of jelly-like protein and fat create surreal landscapes and descriptive and rich experiences around this to cause "suffering?"

Our method starts with forming a team with the patient as the chief decision-maker or operator. The ability to create novel solutions to painful and disabling problems has allowed us to thrive on almost every aspect of neurosurgical care. From simple disc problems to complex brain tumors, our neurosurgical team rigorously strives to construct creative ways of getting well, staying well, and solving life-threatening problems every step of the way with our patient at the center.

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